Eilean Donan Castle

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This weeks blog post centers around the land where the vikings settled and redheads are plentiful. In the Scottish highlands rests a castle called Eilean Donan. The castle stands on the meeting point of three lochs* surrounded by water and breathtaking scenery that pulls in many a tourist throughout the year. I know that this blog seems to be including more and more commonplace tourist attractions, but it simply cannot be helped, there is a reason these places gained the attention they did, also it’s my blog so…


Because the castles is water locked a bridge is the only way to access the old and historic edifice. While it is said that a church was built on the site on the 6th century by the saint Donnan of Eigg, no trace of it can be found, and the true history dates back to the 13th century. With this impressive age comes consequences, Scotland does not have a very peaceful past itself and the castle has been rebuilt a few times before it came to be the beautiful structure that so many flock to when visiting the rocky highlands of Scotland.

Eilean Donan 3

The history and stories are rich with this castle, though it also caters well to tourists, if you wish you can hold a wedding in the castle, or tour it yourself. This castle would be an interesting stop of you ever decide to land yourself in the rugged land of the Scots any time soon.



*Apparently lochs refers to a lake in Scotland, which certainly clears up any confusion I retained regarding the origin of the Loch Ness Monster’s name and history.




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