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Geography Quizzes + Resources

Wonders of the World, Name that wonder of the world

Geobee QuizNational Geographic’s daily geography trivia

Geography Knowledge, Buzzfeed’s Are you Apple Maps or Google Maps?

Road Trip Geography, Links to maps and exercises

Surprising City Laws  

Click here to learn about some really interesting U.S. laws.

Geography is fun! Games!

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METROPOLITAN AREAS: Match the metropolitan area to its geographic location.

 Stateris: Instead of moving blocks, position states or countries at their correct location.

Public Transit Costume Contest for Knight Foundation

Friendly infrastructure can help foster interpersonal relationships and communicate that the government cares about the lives of the community. Friendly infrastructure, like public transit, parks, bike paths, etc. helps people meet, spend time together, enjoy the natural and built environment, keep in touch, and maintain a high quality of (social) life. We wanted to show State College how friendly our bus system is by dressing up the buses for Halloween. Local elementary school students gave us drawings of what they thought would be great bus costumes, and we designed the costumes. On Halloween, the buses were dressed as a bunny, witch, shark, spaceship and a taco….This video shows our original concept, and 8 80 Cities, The Knight Foundation and STEMComm made this project a reality!


Color and Build Your Own City

Click to download drawings to print, color and construct a city!

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Submit your drawing to be featured on our site by e-mailing your image to or by mail to:

Friendly Cities Lab  | 302 Walker Building  | University Park, PA 16802


Featured Article – Zootopia: Everything in Motion

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Findings: Zootopia shows us an urban environment tailored to accommodate diverse populations. The right amount planning and legislation harmonizes mobility.

Method: Watching Zootopia.

Good For: If you are interested in brainstorming out-of-the-box solutions to urban planning, or if your company provides employee transportation and is looking to cater to diverse needs.

Andris C and Ruescas J (2017) Zootopia: Everything in Motion. Transfers (7)1: 141-144.