Bug Catcher Michael Wants to Battle!

Photo by Marcus Thaw (CC BY 2.0).

My name is Michael Przybys, and although that appears to be a typo, it, unfortunately, is not. After graduating with a degree in biology from Penn State University in May 2015, I was quickly consumed by the stress and anxiety that accompany student loan payments. I then began working as a research assistant at the Frost Entomological Museum. Though I am pursuing a career in medicine, I have always had a penchant for art and zoology.

Growing up, I would spend my summers exploring the woods and fields — peering under rocks and logs, wading through streams, and climbing trees — in search of bugs, salamanders, snakes, and friends. Captivated by the curious gaze of the mantis, the swaying of the phasmid, and the metamorphosis of the butterfly, these unique organisms inspired both my drawings and eventual study of biology. Now at the museum, I can continue to explore and cultivate my zoological curiosity, while utilizing my degree to contribute to the field of entomology.

Working as a member of the Frost’s research and curatorial team has been such a rewarding experience thus far, and I am excited to be a part of all we have in store for the upcoming year.

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  1. Andy Deans says:

    Great to have you as part of our team!

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