The Frost Welcomes Rafa Toro

Hi, I’m Rafa and I am one the new interns here at the Frost Entomological Museum. I am originally from California. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and currently entering my fourth year at the University of California, Berkeley this upcoming fall. I’m majoring in Environmental Science with an intended senior thesis on entomological research.

Picture of myself smiling in front of a chalkboard,

Hi, how you doing? Photographed by Rafael Toro (CC BY 2.0) Click for source.

My interest in entomological research sparked just recently, after obtaining my first entomological position at one of Berkeley’s research facilities last summer. There, I assisted in pest management of deciduous fruit, nut, and vine crops. New interesting discoveries at my job as well as guidance from my mentor and supervisor, Robert Vansteenwyk, ultimately influenced me in pursuing a career in entomology. Although I am rather new to the field, I am eager to learn more about the various research opportunities the Frost Museum has to offer. One of my goals this summer is to utilize the experience and network acquired from this internship to assist me in developing my thesis. I am particularly interested but not limited to, studying the dominant stressors of the lethal Nosema disease in the European honeybee (Apis mellifera). I am extremely excited for the 10 weeks ahead of me and cannot wait for an adventurous, insect-filled summer.

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  1. SAP Program Manager says:

    All the best Rafa at the Frost Entomological Museum. It is an amazing place and you will surely learn a lot.

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