Jonah and the Frost

While I’ve been creeping about behind the scenes for a few months now here at the museum, I feel a proper introduction should finally be made to everyone. My name is Jonah and I’m currently a biodiversity intern/research assistant here in the Frost Museum.

Photo by C.Trietsch (CC BY 2.0). Click for source.

I grew up split between America and China which gave me a broad view and appreciation for biodiversity and insects. While I was never ‘that bug kid’ I recall never being able to kill insects instead being curious to what they were doing or why they looked the way they did. My undergrad is in genetics here at Penn State, however I spend most of my days in and around the entomology department. Prior to joining the Deans Lab and the museum I worked in sociobiology studying ant behavior, which I still hear jokes about from my new colleagues and advisor. My current research is in Ceraphronidae studying glandular morphology and slowly learning the ways of histology. While my current research is still in its infancy I’m incredibly excited to keep learning and discovering new things about Hymenoptera and hope to share them as I go with all of you.

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