More Useful books for Entomologists

My previous post on useful books for entomology students got a fair amount of social media attention. After posting it on Twitter, I got several messages and emails from entomologists with useful feedback and recommendations for more books that had helped and inspired them in their careers.

There were so many great suggestions that I wanted to do a follow-up post with more resources for graduate students and others studying entomology (there seem to be a lot of great beetle books out there!).

Brought to you by the entomologists of Twitter, here are some more useful books for entomology students to check out:

  • Parasitoids: Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology, by H. C. J. Godfray
  • The Phylogenetic Handbook, edited by Philippe Lemey, Marco Salemi, and Anne-Mieke Vandamme
  • Manual of Nearctic Diptera, edited by J. F. McAlpine (three volumes)
  • The Bees of the World, by Charles D. Michener
  • American Beetles, by Ross H. Arnett Jr. and Michael C. Thomas (two volumes)
  • Beetles of Eastern North America, by Arthur V. Evans
  • Australian Beetles Volume 1: Morphology, Classification and Keys, by Adam Slipinski and J. F. Lawrence
  • Beetles: The Natural History and Diversity of Coleoptera, by Stephen Marshall

Thanks to everyone for their recommendations!

The Life Science Library at Penn State. This entire row is comprised of entomology books, and this isn’t the only one… Photo by Carolyn Trietsch (CC BY 2.0). Click for source.

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