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2019 sort sessions #20 – labeling

I’m not gonna lie; labeling is maybe my least favorite step when preparing specimens. I do like typing them up (we usually do this in Word, as a table) and reminiscing about the collecting events I was a part of. … Continue reading

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Gall wasp project funded!

Some big, exciting news hit the Frost Museum today: Our proposal to study the evolution of gall wasps (Cynipidae) was officially funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation! The primary objective is to generate a large-scale phylogeny of Cynipidae, using … Continue reading

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2019 sort sessions #18 and #19 – Special project!

Following up on sort session #17, where I struggled with how we should organize our trap residues, we now have an alternative use for some of these exhausted samples. (drumroll) We’ve started a special project for the public space that … Continue reading

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Woolly catkin gall

I found these beautiful galls in my yard this weekend, while doing yard work: It’s likely woolly catkin gall, made by a wasp: Callirhytis quercusoperator (Osten Sacken, 1862) (Cynipidae). We’ve started another large project here at the Frost, but I’ll … Continue reading

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2019 sort session #17 – What to do about residues?

I used our last sort session to liberate space in the teaching collection — primarily because we need to expand our arachnid offerings but also because we are accumulating people’s leftover trap offerings at an unsustainable rate. It was a … Continue reading

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