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More Useful books for Entomologists

My previous post on useful books for entomology students got a fair amount of social media attention. After posting it on Twitter, I got several messages and emails from entomologists with useful feedback and recommendations for more books that had … Continue reading

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Putting Those Things Back Where They Came From: Tips for Managing Loaned Specimens

After five years at the Frost, I’ve now come to the end of my PhD. I laughed, I cried, I defended…now it’s time to return all of the specimens I’ve borrowed. When I first started my revision of Conostigmus from … Continue reading

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Useful Books for Entomology Graduate Students

I successfully defended my PhD a few short weeks ago, and have started wrapping up loose ends. One biggie on my to-do list is to return all of the books I’ve accumulated over the last five years of research. Currently, … Continue reading

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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Entomology Edition

On the twelfth day of Christmas, a museum donor gave to me…. Twelve giant moths, Eleven giant-sized unit trays (dang, need one more for the moths), Ten drawers of Halictidae, Nine springtails a leaping, Eight wrong IDs, Seven diplopods a … Continue reading

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Important Figures in the History of Natural History: Alice Eastwood, Patron of Collections

Alice Eastwood was a Canadian botanist born in 1859, who moved to Denver with her family in 1873 and taught there for several years. A self-trained botanist, her expertise was so well-known and regarded that she was invited to serve … Continue reading

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