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Thank you, Frost Entomological Museum

As my time at the Frost comes to an end, I would like to share with you my journey, discoveries, and highlights of this amazing summer internship. I arrived at the Frost a few months ago to warm welcomes and … Continue reading

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Discovering My Inner Darwin

Last week, our mentor, Andy challenged us to discover our inner Darwin. In short, this exercise required each of us to 1) select a 4m^2 plot of ground and 2) spend 4 careful hours observing this plot for insect life, all while … Continue reading

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Good and Bad Practices for Ethanol-Preserved Collections

Ever wonder how museums preserve their specimens and maintain them in such great condition? Well, about 95% of museums all over the world use ethanol for long term preservation! In most cases, ethanol is used in 70% solution due to its … Continue reading

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Introducing the super family, Echinophthiriidae!

The Anoplurans or sucking lice are hematophagous ectoparasites primarily found in terrestrial mammals. However, within the last century, a small group of anoplurans were recently discovered who were adapted to the extreme climatic conditions of Antarctica, infecting pinnipeds worldwide (Leonardi et. al … Continue reading

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Peculiar Discovery!

As I work on digitizing the Frost’s sucking lice (Anoplura) collection, I continue to learn more about the collection’s vast array of specimens. I must say, working directly with one of the largest louse collections in the world has enabled me to … Continue reading

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