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2019 sort session #23 – new families, genera, species

The latest sort “session” stretched out piecemeal over several days, fitting specimen preparation in between lots of other tasks. I.e., we didn’t have much of a formal session, but I did manage to accession about 50 specimens plus a few … Continue reading

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New SOP on vouchering

Voucher specimens are essential to making science repeatable and verifiable. The importance of vouchers has been discussed repeatedly and recently—Yoshimoto (1978), Turney et al. (2015), Funk et al. (2018), and many, many others—but I can’t say that I’ve seen any … Continue reading

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2019 sort session #22 – new moths for the collection

Six years ago I created an account on iNaturalist, a fairly sophisticated app at the time but without much content of interest – at least for me. I submitted a handful of observations and then got distracted by other responsibilities. … Continue reading

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My experience with the windshield phenomenon

I’m back to work now, after an epic northern adventure that included caribou, arctic hares, moose, flat tires, recurring Pennsylvanians (shout out to my new friends from Reading!), black flies, mosquitoes, and, surprisingly, a remarkably intact Carboniferous swamp. I even … Continue reading

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Sort session hiatus

We’re taking a break from our weekly sort sessions, at least for the next three weeks. Our gall project is taking off quickly, and we need to get organized about workflows, for one. We are especially interested in finding this … Continue reading

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