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Funding from arthropod enthusiasts like you help us maintain and grow the collections here at the Frost Entomological Museum. Your donations also facilitate the development of compelling and relevant programming, through exhibits and other engagement. Just follow the link below to give a financial gift:

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Another way to give funds

Online form not your thing? Visit the departmental webpage on giving – – or the College of Agricultural Sciences page – – to find out more!

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Donating a collection or specimens

Did you recently inherit an insect collection that you hope will be cared for and made available for research? Do you have a collection yourself you want to donate? The Frost Entomological Museum is ready to engage! Here is the typical process for donating specimens:

  1. You might want to familiarize yourself with our Collection Management Policy (1.4 MB PDF) document, which describes the scope of our museum and the conditions we consider favorable for a collection donation. Sections 3 and 4 are especially relevant.
  2. Contact the director (Andy Deans; with details about the collection to be donated. He will be especially interested in these details:
    1. Condition – Are they missing legs and antennae? Do you see a lot of dust in the storage box(es)?
    2. Provenance – Do you know where and when these specimens were collected and by whom? Do you have documents, including relevant permits (if necessary)?
    3. Size and diversity – Can you estimate how many specimens you want to donate? Do you know what and how many kinds of insects there in the collection?
  3. Consider adding a monetary component to the donation. Treating, accessioning, and curating new specimens is a resource-intensive process. We appreciate the help!

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