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Critical Design Review

September 27, 2012 by Georgia Konzel   

To continue on with the design methods topics, I choose to write about design review for my third blog. Critical Design Review (CDR) is a point when developing a new product, where everything is highly scrutinized to make sure what is wanted is what will be produced.The can use a design review to change any aspect of the product, or anything unwanted. Sometimes, if a problem arises with the product, a design review can be held to change and add new ideas.

The main purpose that a design review is held, is because it gives the company the chance to make sure that their product meets the needs that it is designed to. The product can be evaluated to see if it is meeting all of the intended needs. The best feature of a design review is that it gives the company the satisfaction of knowing that their product is accomplishing everything that they wanted it to. A design review is kinda like a “checkpoint” for the company.

A design review is generally a meeting, where everyone involved in the project comes together to make sure they are accomplishing their goals. It is usually lead by the project manager, and the project team goes through a checklist to complete all of the tasks. A design review must have clear communication throughout the project team.

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  1. Richard says:

    Design reviews may be formally scheduled or triggered by new information, personnel or problems. Itis different than a project review that focuses on the project and team rather than the design problem itself

    Good effort

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