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Environmentally friendly designing

October 15, 2012 by Georgia Konzel   

There are many benefits to designing a product that is beneficial to the environment  or does not have a harmful impact on it. Nowadays, many companies want to be more environmentally friendly, because it appeals to the consumer which would increase sales. When designing with the environment kept in mind, many companies are worried about the sustainability of their products. They are also nervous that customers will not think it is durable and of high quality because it may have recycled products made into it.With this in mind, it is very important to keep in mind sustainability because they want their product to be durable and long-lasting as well as friendly to the environment.

These products must meet the intended action while being sustainable, and environmentally friendly.   When designing with the environment in mind, it is important to target areas that could be improved. This would mean that parts of the product could be changed so that they either are better for the environment, or have less of an impact on it. It is best to consider the environment during the early stages of the design process. If thought of later, it can be harder to implement the Eco-friendly ideas. Companies can choose to purchase software that will assess the impacts of environment design features. The will take into account the price to manufacture each product, and what environmental aspects better the product.

For the most part, companies tend to focus on improving their product based on a few key concepts. The company usually makes a few points that they try to keep in mind when designing a new product.  For example, the company Herman Miller  likes to look at the materials of their product to make sure they are safe, and do not harm the environment. They also look at the ability to recycle their products once they are not used anymore. Another important aspect of Eco-friendly design deals with how efficient the product handles energy.   It is not environmentally friendly if it wastes energy, because many ways to create energy are non-renewable.

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  1. Richard says:

    the aim is to reduce materials and energy use and recycle as much as possible also reduce or avoid completely the use of toxins. Then there are pollution issues such as carbon emissions thatcause global warming. anoth er issue is habiatat loss leading to a loss of species

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