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Windows 8

December 5, 2012 by Georgia Konzel   

On October 26, Microsoft  unveiled their newest form of operating software, Windows 8. This is their latest form of software, and completely different than their older version, Windows 7 ;which was released in 2009. Windows 8 has been stirring up a lot of buzz, due to the total change in design, and since Microsoft has been working on it for the past 3 years. Windows 8 was designed to be user-friendly on a desktop  home-computer as well as modern enough to be a practical cell-phone operating system.  Along with the launch of the software, many companies are launching devices that are compatible with the software, whether it be smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Like mentioned earlier, Windows 8 is very different than any Microsoft operating system released before. All Windows 8 devices are directly connected to the Microsoft SkyDrive, so when starting, you will be prompted to enter your Microsoft account information, or make an account. Due to the SkyDrive, anything created in a Microsoft application will automatically be stored, and can be accessed though you’re Microsoft account.

Th most noticeable change about Windows 8 in relation to Windows 7 is the Home screen.   The desktop-picture background with small  shortcut pictures, has been replaced by a tile-like design where the applications fit most of the home screen space.  This design has been inspired by the successful setups for smartphones. With this new tile design, Microsoft has discontinued the start button for laptops, and has traded to motion as the start-up senors. With this being said, all the user has to do to start their computer is to hover their mouse in the lower corner of the screen, and then start-up will begin. The motion of moving the mouse to the lower right hand corner also triggers the start-menu which with Windows 8 is now also the common background (Tile design). Due to change of not having a desktop background, many users were worried that they would not be able to personalize their device. Microsoft has added many possible background choices and the ability to set a picture as the background. Its not displayed as much at the previous version of windows because it is covered by the tile applications. Windows 8 also comes with a feature that can switch the main screen to a desktop loop, which is very similar to the look of Windows 7.

Windows 8 will also come with many common features. Mail, a calendar, Camera, Games, and Music all are applications that are pre-programmed into the device and operate through windows 8 technology.  The device will also come with many Bing (no surprise) related applications including weather, travel, sports news and maps. When searching for new apps, the user will have access to the windows store. Although the windows app store does not have as large of a market at the apple app store, with the release of Windows 8, many top applications are expected to make their debut of the windows store. As of right now though, the Windows app store really lacks in the applications department; they don’t even have some of the most popular ones like Facebook, and Twitter.

Personally, I think that Windows is moving in the right direction by releasing a completely new operating software. Their design so far seems to be a step up from Windows 7 and fits the well with the most successful operating systems on the market now. If I was to get windows 8, I would want it to be on a touch screen device. I have tried Windows 8, on a surface tablet, and really liked the tile-menu with the touch screen ability. Although windows 8 can be downloaded onto a desktop computer with mouse, I think the software is more aesthetically appealing when able to touch it.

Here is an example of what the home screen looks like, it shows the tile-app design, which functions as the start menu.


  1. Richard says:

    it has to be touch screen to use it properly – it looks the same

    The interface is different and I am slowly adapting. some things about it are really nice such as the App for wikipedia

  2. Ryan Tracy says:

    Good blog! I was visiting my aunt over thanksgiving break and she had Windows 8 on her computer and I was so confused. I also agree that it looks better on a touch screen device. Do you know why they decided to change the home screen, because I feel that when something has worked in the past, why change it?

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