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Impact of Windows 8 on the Smartphone Market

December 6, 2012 by Georgia Konzel   

The release of Windows 8 will have a huge impact on the technology market, especially the smartphone market. Right now the main operating systems for smartphones, are primarily android, Apple iOS, and Blackberry. Researchers have predicted that the smartphone operating system market will stay relatively the same except that windows will could quadruple their market share within the next 4 years. Right now, the Windows holds around 3 percent of the market, and it is expected to rise to around 11.5. Thanks to Nokia and HTC, will now have a reliable way to share their system.

A huge reason why Windows will gain some of the market is because of it open developing system. In order to develop an app for an apple product, the developing company must pay apple a licensing fee. This means that even if the developer wants to create a free app, they must pay apple in order to design it for an apple product. Apple has been collecting a profit off of these licenses that must be renewed each year. Because Windows 8 is an open operating system, this allows app designers to create apps without paying a licensing fee. This is very appealing to the app makers, because by reducing their output costs, their profit will increase. Any app run through any apple device, has had to be licensed by Apple.

Like the Windows market, Android also follows an open application design system. This means that app developers do not have to pay in order to develop apps for the Android store. That is a main reason that Android possess over close to half of the smartphone market. Some of Androids success is also due to the fact that they collaborate with make different cell phone makers(Samsung, Motorola, LG, ect.) which allows the customer to have more options when selecting a phone. A main spot where Android is lacking in the technology department is has never released a desktop computer. Recently it has a released a tablet, that runs with the Android operating system, but there is not talk of it exploring into desktop computers.

I think I can finally say that Microsoft is back. They were never really gone, 90 percent of the computers in the world, run via Microsoft, they were just having a bad couple of years with the rise of  Apple Products. But its new operating system will is very modern, and has a perfect place in today’s smartphone market. Due to their open market in licensing apps, and they have products in all of the necessary technology areas, and now have a competitive operating system, Microsoft should definitely see growth. Microsoft’s next step, would be to better their search engine, Bing.

Yahoo even acquired Marissa Meyer from Google to be their CEO, and Yahoo is operated by Microsoft’s Bing. She completely switched alliances which is just a premonition highlighting Microsoft’s upcoming success.


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