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Windows 8 Devices

December 6, 2012 by Georgia Konzel   

With the release of Windows 8, Nokia was the first to release a smartphone using the new software. Although it was not chosen by Microsoft to be the designated Windows 8 phone, it is a very promising phone. Nokia has taken the earlier versions of the Lumia, and with the addition of Windows 8, they modified the Lumia for ideal functioning with  the operating system. However the Lumia, wasn’t the only device redesigned to meet the windows 8 criteria. Microsoft have debuted a  tablet(aka surface) especially for Windows 8. They released the Windows 8 Pro surface, which can be ordered now, but will not be available till 2013.

The beauty of these devices  is that they all feature Windows 8, and through that they all have access to SkyDrive. The SkyDrive is a feature that allows all of the users files to be stored, and then can be accessed through any computer. This means that documents saved on the devices hard drive, will also automatically be saved on to the SkyDrive.

Another aspect about Windows 8, is that it is a great match for these touchscreen devices. Through reading reviews of Windows 8, many people said that it was best when used on a surface or smartphone. Because of the tile-app design,  the ability of pressing on the application when you want to start it, is much more liked than having to use a mouse to click on the application. Even though both Desktop computers, and portable devices are both ways to run Windows 8, more people have preferred using a touchscreen with it. Windows 8 was designed by Microsoft with the intent of having a better operating system for smartphones and tablets, and they succeed on portable devices.

I was very interested in this topic, due to my dad’s connection to Microsoft. He is a Small business partner with Microsoft, and designs software. I was really intrigued, because when I went home for thanksgiving break, he had the Microsoft Surface RT, and switched to the Nokia Lumia 920. Because the Microsoft RT surface, uses Wi-fi, my dad can use his mobile hot-spot application from his phone, anywhere to provide the surface with internet. He found that this a nice feature, because between his phone and surface, he can have internet anywhere he goes for both, but only has to pay for one internet bill, which is the phone bill.


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