A Gaming Self-Analysis

I have been playing games for a long portion of my, still-young, life.  Ever since my little brother introduced me to the Gameboy, I have been playing a wide range of games.  However, when I look back at the games that I have really enjoyed, or spent the most time playing, I tend to notice some similarities in the types of games they are.

fallout 3I tend to go towards games that give me a lot of discovery; a what seems like an endless world to explore and roam around in.  When I find myself playing games, I sometimes get disappointed whenever a game doesn’t give me a big, full-realized world.  The most recent games in the Fallout series offered me experiences that I will never forget in gaming.  Just the chance to walk around the post-apocalyptic worlds left me in awe and the fact that every nook and cranny in the game’s world had something to find really amazed me.

The Fallout series also leads me to another thing that I like to find in windwakergames, and that is the narrative.  I never really found games like Call of Duty, a game that generally lacks a strong plot, that fun.  I always found myself going for the games that had a narrative that was the backbone for the games themselves.  Games like Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda are some of the favorites that come to my mind when it comes to a good story.  The Final Fantasy games in particular offer a ton of story, enough to possibly drive some people way, but that never kept me away, it just brought me closer.  These games kept me playing for a long time, not just for their content, but for the amount of story that they contained.  Most of the Final Fantasy games featured massive story lines with lots of characters and a ton of surprises and conflicts along the way.  They always kept me playing till the end to see how the story ended up.final fantasy x

Lastly, I found that I tend to like games that encourage the sense of fellowship, and by this I mean the act of sitting down with your family and friends and playing a game for hours on end.  It was that social experience that drove a lot of my gaming when I was younger.  Games like the Smash Bros franchise offered me a chance to play with my friends after school for a long time.  The different modes in the game, like the Tournament Mode, made it hard for us to stop playing, and we often lost track of time.  The point is, those games offered me a social experience that I never experienced before that, and from then super smash broson I started to gravitate towards those games.

After this self-analysis of my gaming habits, and the aspects that I like in games, I really didn’t find anything that was unexpected.  There were no surprises.  For me, the aspects of discovery, narrative, and fellowship have always been my favorite parts of games and to this day I still tend to play games that feature these things.  Like I said before, I play a variety of different games, but discovery, narrative, and fellowship form my ideal game that I like to play.

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