Penn State Interdisciplinary Minor in Game Development

Prospective students:

Game development is a truly interdisciplinary field.  The Minor in Game Development is designed to provide students with a strong background in the design and development of video games and is open to students of all majors at the Pennsylvania State University. These majors, in particular, work well with students of a particular interest:

  • Computer Science, Software Engineering: for students interested in the technicality of programming games.
  • DIGIT (Digital Media, Arts, and Technology), Psychology, Creative Writing, English: for students interested in how games are used as an artistic or social science medium.

You may declare a minor at any time on LionPath after you have attained third-semester classification (sophomore) or declared your major.


Current students:

  • For all students: GAME 220 counts as Arts (GA); GAME 250 and GAME 251 count as Quantification (GQ); GAME 160N counts as Interdomain – Arts (GA) and Humanities (GH); GAME 140 and PSYCH 244 count as Social Sciences (GS).
  • For Computer Science students: All 400-level GAME courses count as Supporting and Related Areas courses for your major.
  • For Software Engineering or Computer Engineering students: GAME 450 and GAME 480 count as Technical Elective courses for your major.
  • For DIGIT students: DIGIT 409 counts as a Depth course for the Game Development minor.


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