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January 15, 2015 by Garren Christopher Stamp   

I feel confident in my ability to do Passion Blogs. I had no issue doing them last year and most of my posts were around the newly-increased 500 word requirement anyway so I believe that the Passion Blogs won’t present any major challenge. I liked my topic of the grateful dead last year, but by the end of the semester I felt very restricted since my blogs where forced to be about only one band. Don’t get me wrong, the Grateful Dead are my favorite band and I listen to them a ton, but they certainly aren’t the only music i listen to. For this semester’s Passion Blogs I intend to continue to write about music, but would like to eliminate this one band limitation. My idea is to review a new record from my record collection every week. I buy a new record about every week and I was thinking I could do some background on the album, the band, and give my impression of the album as a whole as well as a few songs. For the weeks in which I don’t end up getting a new record I could always choose one from my collection at random and discuss that. My other idea is to discuss future music festivals. I go to 2-3 music festivals every summer and love them. I could review the music festivals I have gone to and discuss others I have not.

I feel less confident for the civic issues blogs. First we have never done them and i am not confident in what type of issues are supposed to be chosen. Are they supposed to be like smaller, local civic issues or larger national issues. Regardless my first idea I had was voter ID laws. Voting is one of our most important civic abilities and the limitation of that whether on purpose or as an accidental byproduct of anti-fraud legislation is a big issue. Another issue I was thinking of was the housing of the homeless on tax payer dollar in Salt Lake City, Utah. The government provided free housing to the homeless in order to get them off the street and provide them a way to get on their feet. All of this was of course paid for on the working, tax payers dime. This brings up several issues such as taxation, government handouts, and the role of government.

The “This I Believe” project is difficult. There are so many different directions that you can take on this project. There are serious ones about religion and god to simple ones about tipping pizza men. One idea I was thinking about would deal with guns. I am a strong supporter of gun rights and i strongly oppose anti- gun legislation. My love of hunting combined with the fact that I am a gun owner makes this issue very important to me. Another possibility would be that I believe the Grateful Dead is the greatest band of all time. I have many reasons in support of that, despite a lot of them being opinions.


  1. Kyle Trabocco says:

    I think gun legislation is a civic issue considering it is in the bill of rights, so if you wanted to do gun rights for your issues blog that would be a very cool topic for you. With that being said, you could also just keep the gun rights to the this I believe podcast. With regards to your passion blog, your idea seems really cool and unique.

  2. Kavya Vaseekaran says:

    For your “This I Believe” podcast, I would definitely recommend that you write about gun rights. By writing about gun rights, you could easily convey a universal message, but still make it personal by discussing your love for hunting and owning a gun. As far as your civic blogs are concerned, I think the idea of the tax payer dollar is a better topic to write about. The tax payer dollar issue brings up many other significant civic issues, like taxation, so I think you would have a lot more to say with this topic.

  3. Melanie Marie Ramirez says:

    I think you will do great with your passion blogs because of the confidence I perceived from your writing. However, I would really like to read blogs in relation to music festivals, mainly because I absolutely adore them. In relation to both, you Civic Issue blog and your “This I Believe” project, I feel exactly the same way you do; I have absolutely no idea what to blog about. However, I do think that you have brainstormed some interesting topics and that you will excel in them because you seem pretty confident about them.

  4. Eric Hodge says:

    I think your civic issue topic has lots of potential, but needs some expansion. Both of your suggested ideas seem like they would be very good topics of individual blog posts, instead of as unique blogs.

  5. tjg5335 says:

    I feel like the Passion blog idea about talking about your different albums would be more interesting for me to read personally. I could check out the albums you recommend and get more familiar with this music, but I probably won’t go to a music festival. As for your Civic Issues blog, I think they’re both good ideas. I think you could do more with the taxpayer dollar idea though because that can go a long way. For example, Obama recently made community college free for two years. I think the gun idea would make a better This I Believe project. That’s a national controversy and probably will be until there’s a final ultimatum on the subject. Also, I think no matter how well you explain your feelings for the Grateful Dead, it’s still just an opinion.

  6. Yixuan Wang says:

    I think that you will do well in the passion blog area! I would love to hear more about both past and future music festivals! It would be interesting to see if there was anything different between them or which parts of the festival you really liked/disliked. As for the civil issues blog, your ideas are very specific. In one way, that can be a good thing – you know exactly what you want to say – but in another way that can be very limiting. For the voter ID laws, if you feel a little too restricted, you can talk about voting laws in general. I would be interested in hearing about what you think about laws against illegal immigrants, the age limit, etc. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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