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February 12, 2015 by Garren Christopher Stamp   

Malcom X

Education was such an important component of this speech because education had been one area where black people had been institutionally repressed. The lack of quality education offered to African Americans held them back as a people. They also wanted to use it as a step towards equality. If they were educated they could ban together and help each other. The New York City school board was also failing to integrate the schools. Malcom X didn’t wan’t the schools integrated, he wanted black schools led by black people teaching things that his people would find appropriate. He called on people Afro-American people around the country, to look at their schools, and if they were as bad as the ones in Harlem then they should take over the school and make it better themselves.

The Quote that best sums up Malcom’s argument on education is “(about letting the control of schools in Harlem remain in the control of the Board)let these fools continue to run and produce this low standard of education? No, let them turn those schools over to us. Since they say they can’t handle them, nor can they correct them, let us take a whack at it.

What do we want? “We want Afro-American principals to head these schools.”


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