Topic-07 Evaluating Emerging Technologies

The Keys to IT Demand Management When one thinks of demand planning it is hardly ever consider to be part of the IT realm. It is related more to a supply chain management process. Where levels of inventory are increased or decreased based on the demands of the customer, and profits increase or decrease for […]

Topic 06– Enterprise Business Architechture No Enterprise is the same. They all have different visions, processes, procedures and culture. Enterprise Business architecture (EBA), which is integrated with the corporate strategy, provides the common ground for people, processes and technology; a shared domain from which all strategic initiatives are linked. EBA provides an opportunity that organization if overlooked will lose […]

L05-Security Architecture Enterprise Security Architecture is the method of interpreting the business security future state and strategy into actual enterprise transformation by creating drivers, good communication, best practices and models that enable the architectures progression. In order to obtain the future state an organization will need to overcome obstacles in these uncertain times. Having a Security […]

Topic-04 Technology infrastructure architecture Let me first say that I am glad this article refers to the bed rock of enterprise systems as technology architecture and not just infrastructure. Now days there is defiantly a difference between the two. Today’s technology architecture should now be concentrating on supporting of the business, and address the problems of the business, […]

Topic 03– Information Architecture Layer There is an importance for Enterprise Data Architecture (EDA) within an organization. The Data Strategy is for outlining road maps, setting scope and development of list on data technologies used. EDA is able to do this by building a blueprint which includes hardware, applications, business processes, technology choices, networks and data. EDA should also […]

Topic 2-Application Architecture What is Business Intelligence (BI), and how can the implementation of BI tools contribute to the success of an organization? Business Intelligence signifies the use of a variation of software applications and methodologies that enable organizations to collect data from internal applications and external data sources, to manipulate raw data, so that it can […]

Topic 1– Stack Overview Reflections I There are 5 important steps to consider when scaling out your enterprise technology stack.  The first and one of the most important in my opinion is to have a holistic view of the environment. When building out the stack we only look at what is being directly affected and not what might […]