Geospatial Data Science Workshop (GDS 2017) at Penn State ’17

University Park, PA, USA, February 3 – February 5, 2017.

We cordially invite you to participate in the 1st Geospatial Data Science Workshop, to be held February 3-5, 2017 in Penn State’s Walker building  in State College, PA.

New geospatial data sources, such as online social media, increasingly mean that spatial data is “big data.” While these data provide enormous potential for a variety of applications across numerous disciplines, with big data come the well-known challenges of volume, velocity, uncertainty, heterogeneity, multidimensionality, and many others. These challenges require new data science tools and techniques that move beyond the classic desktop GIS paradigm, such as high performance computing and machine learning.

GDS 2017 is an opportunity to learn the skills needed to process, analyze, and visualize large spatial datasets, skills that are becoming increasingly demanded by academia, industry, and government. The workshop consists of a colloquium seminar, multiple hands-on tutorials, and networking session.

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