Davis Polk Welcomes Back Female Lawyers Who Took a Break from Law

Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP is offering a new program giving women who have left the firm for at least 2 years to opportunity to return to work. The program is called “Davis Polk Revisited” and allows women who have left the firm (most to raise their families) to come back to work for a year or possibly more.  Up until recently, It was nearly impossible to come back to BigLaw after years away from practice. The program is modeled after the 2014 launch of the OnRamp Fellowship, a program that has helped place over 50 women nation wide in law firms and in-house departments.

I found this article interesting because it is very in line with my motherhood interview assignment. The mother I interviewed was a lawyer in a private practice when she had her daughter. Like the article, she had mentioned in the interview how hard it can be to balance the demands to being an attorney and a mother. Like the women mentioned in this article, the mom I interviewed ultimately decided to take time away from her practice. I think this program is an excellent way for women to reconnect with their profession and allow them to get the best of both worlds in a sense. Being able to both raise their families and come back to a fulfilling career in Law after. I think the adoption of this program in other firms and in other fields as well could open a lot of doors for women to expand their careers, almost like a second wave of life, they have more opportunities to move up in the workplace and expand their professional lives.


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