Undergraduate Clubs

Club Meetings | joint virtual meetings Mondays @ 7:30-8:30pm until further notice. First meeting for Fall 2020 takes place on August 31.

In person-events are delayed until at least 3-weeks into the semester, subject to change; please stay safe, practice social distancing guidelines, and wear a mask!

GIS Coalition

The GIS Coalition offers students majoring, minoring, or sharing an interest in GIS opportunities to develop supplementary knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the professional GIS industry. Our mission is to form a GIS community among undergraduates at Penn State by hosting activities that involve testing and learning GIS skills. We also provide extra help towards succeeding in GIS classes and sharing internship experiences on what it is like to work in real world GIS community.

2020-21 Officers

  • President: Harman Singh (hxs5376@psu.edu)
  • Vice President: Kevin Harris (kph13@psu.edu)
  • Treasurer: Jenna Pulice (jlp6135@psu.edu)
  • Skills Officer: Chenmiaomiao Han (cqh5545@psu.edu)

Instagram | @giscoalition

StoryMap | GIS Coalition

Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU) honor society

The purpose of Gamma Theta Upsilon is to further professional interest in Geography through advancing the status of Geography as a cultural and practical discipline for study and investigation, encouraging student research of high quality and promoting an outlet of publication.

2020-21 Officers

  • President: Talia Potochny (tnp5105@psu.edu)
  • Vice President: Shane Leister (sjl47@psu.edu)
  • Secretary: Sophie Tessier (sat5462@psu.edu)
  • Treasurer: Seamus Gibbons (spg5385@psu.edu)

Instagram | @psu.gtu


UnderDoGS (Undergraduate Department of Geography Students) is the main undergraduate club for those with an interest in Geography at Penn State. Our club is open for anyone to join and there are no fees or membership requirements. We place an emphasis on professional development and encourage our members to foster relationships around their interest in Geography. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the club is the opportunity to travel to the annual American Association of Geographers (AAG) meeting held in Seattle, Washington for the upcoming year (subject to change). We offer plenty of connections to the Department of Geography as well as the faculty and other professional staff, with the hopes of making our members achieve their goals as they relate to Geography.

2020-21 Officers

  • President: Shane Leister (sjl47@psu.edu)
  • Vice President: Amanda Byrd (arb6046@psu.edu)
  • Secretary: Olivia Neill (orn5008@psu.edu)
  • Treasurer: Jacob Grande (jag6535@psu.edu)

Intro video | https://youtu.be/g2nbskhBt3Y