Welcome to my TWT (that’s Teaching With Technology) Portfolio!

psu_bwo_rgb_2cTechnology exists – there is no hiding from it.  It has even made its way into our classrooms.  But how much technology is appropriate?  Can we really have too much of a good thing?  My research at Penn State involves exploring how new and innovative technological tools can enhance teaching and student learning in the introductory-level Earth Science classroom.  I encourage you to explore my TWT Portfolio more to learn about the tools I use and my thoughts about technology in education.

Feel free to surf through the tabs across the top.  The Blog is where I post my thoughts of new technologies I hear about and experiences using tech tools.  My Philosophy focuses on the approach I take to using technology for teaching and student learning.  The Examples tab highlights different technologies I have used with examples.  The Courses tab lists the Earth Science, geoscience, and geography courses I have taught since beginning my position at Penn State Brandywine in 2001, along with technology-focused assignments.  You can review listings of my teaching awards and pedagogical publications focused on teaching with technology in the Scholarship tab.

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***NOTE that I no longer blog about educational technology on this site.  Although I do keep the pages updated on my courses, examples, etc., I am now blogging about geoscience education, educational technology and science communication on the American Geophysical Union (AGU)’s Blogosphere at GeoEd Trek (http://blogs.agu.org/geoedtrek/) – check out my weekly postings at this new site!