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Current & Former Group Members
Address for current members:
Department of Physics
104 Davey Laboratory
Penn State University
University Park, PA 16802
Fax for Department of Physics: 814 865 3604






Kurt Gibble
Office Phone: 814 863 5343
E-mail: kgibble[ AT ] psu [ DOT ] edu
Physics Fax: 814 865 3604







Phil Peterman:Phil

Graduate Student
E-mail: prp122[ AT ] psu [ DOT ] edu




Daniel Schussheim:Daniel
Graduate Student
Laboratory Phone: 814 865 4297
Davey 33C
E-mail: dts186 [ AT ] psu [ DOT ] edu






Lam Tran:
Graduate Student
Laboratory Phone: 814 865 4297
Davey 33C
E-mail: lmt49 [ AT ] psu [ DOT ] edu

Former Group members:

Aaron Bennett:
Ph.D. 2015

Joined BAE Systems.Aaron






Lingze DuanLingze

Joined University of Alabama, Huntsville as an Assistant Professor, and now Associate Professor







Sidney Cahnsid_cahn

Senior Research Scientist in the Physics Department at Yale University.







Chad Fertigchad_fertig

Ph.D. 2002
Chad built the Rb clock and showed that it has a very small clock shift.
He went to a post-doc at NIST with Bill Phillips and Steve Rolston, and then joined the faculty at University of Georgia,
Now at Honeywell.





Russ HartRussHart

Ph.D. 2008
Post-doc at Universität Innsbruck with Rudi Grimm and Hanns-Christoph Nägerl and at Rice University with Randy Hulet

Joined AOSense







Steve GensemerSteveG

Became Research Fellow at The University of Sydney and then joined CSIRO







Ron Legereron_legere

Ph.D. 1999
Ron did the Cs juggling experiment.
He did a post-doc with Jeff Kimble’s group at CalTech on quantum computation and then to MIT Lincoln Laboratory.





Ruoxin Li:RuoxinLi

Ph.D. 2007
Joined Bayser Consulting







Ross Martin-Wells:Ross

Ph.D. 2013
Joined the faculty at Carleton College.






Wenko Sueptitz
Joined Linos Photonics in Germany.


Servaas Kokkelmansservaas
Servaas was a theory graduate student with Boudewijn Verhaar at Eindhoven Technological University in the Netherlands.
After finishing his Ph.D. in Eindhoven in 2000, he was a pdoc at JILA and Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris.

Now, he is an Associate Professor at Eindhoven. Servaas visited us for 3 months at the beginning of 1998. We had a great time! Not only can he do difficult calculations, but he’s also a budding experimentalist. The picture shows Servaas in the Lab wrapping a large magnet coil. No doubt because of the large number of turns, this became known as the “‘king coil.”



Ivan Mistrik

Xinye XuXinyeXu

Now, Professor of Physics & Vice-Director
State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy
East China Normal University
Shanghai, China





Jeremie Bouttier
Visiting Masters student from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris.
Quentin Beaufils
Visiting Student from Ecole Normale Superiure, Paris