Hope (Involvement) Springs Eternal!

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“One of the things that I read once that really rang true to me … and it partly helped me get through the storm, is that hope is something that comes from the relationships that people have with one another,” Michael Cowan, a theologian and administrator at Loyola University said today on National Public Radio as he reflected on the fifth anniversary of hurricane Katrina. He makes a good point, and one that seems particularly relevant to the events of this week on our campus.

Attending classes and studying is your primary focus, and this is good. But it’s also important to make connections and develop relationships, not only because it helps develop your résumé, but also because it nurtures your spirit. One of the ways to do this is to go to the Involvement Fair taking place this week in the HUB-Robeson Center. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet representatives from the nearly 200 clubs and organizations on campus. If you can’t get to the Fair, check out the searchable directory listing all recognized student organizations at Penn State. Also, give particular attention to those in our own College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. (See the flyer above.) We have 16 organizations with something to join in MATSE, EME, GEOG, GEOSC, and METEO.

Keep hope alive. Join something today!

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