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Apostrophe Song

One of the most common grammatical errors is the apostrophe. Eileen Thorpe even wrote this song about it to help clarify when to use it. Apostrophe (Oh Christmas Tree)by Eileen ThorpeApostrophe, apostropheYou drive me oh so batty.Apostrophe, apostropheYour overuse is… Continue reading

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YIKES! I’ve got a PHONE interview. What now?

Congrats! You worked hard on your employment search, and now you’ve secured a phone interview. But what does this mean, and how should you proceed? Many companies use phone interviews because it saves them time and money. Instead of bringing… Continue reading

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EMEX 2011 Attracks a Crowd

It was the reason I came to Penn State. I loved how students felt connected to the College,” says Steven Curtis, student council president, remembering the influence the Earth and Mineral Sciences Exposition (EMEX) had on his college-choice decision…. Continue reading

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