Career Fair 2011: Fresh Words

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The fresh words on the street are from the recruiters who visited the EMS Student Council sponsored Career Fair on September 20, 2011.

Most of the comments from the recruiters were positive. For example, Jeremy Corbett, manager of recruitment for Teach for America, said “the event was great, and I like how the résumé book is set up.” Also, all the recruiters commented favorably on the employment documents. Many recruiters mentioned that EMS is one of their favorite colleges to visit because the students are superior. 

Jim Rourke, a meteorologist for AccuWeather, Inc. commented, “This event is a nice, informal way for the students to interact with recruiters, without much stress involved. I very much enjoy meeting new students, seeing familiar ones, and giving them pointers and advice as they pursue their degrees in their respective fields.”

A few of the negative comments were related to the location of the Fair. Some recruiters pointed out the hallway was crowded, and it may be better for future Career Fairs to have either a designated area for each recruiter or find some venue that’s larger so students and recruiters don’t feel so constrained. Another recruiter commented that some students seemed more interested in visiting with each other and eating the free food than with interacting with the recruiters.

Another area mentioned as having room for improvement is appropriate job-seeking attire.  One recruiter commented that some female students wore skirts or dresses that were too short.  She encouraged students to be conservative in dress.  Another noted the general casualness and wrinkled appearance of some male students. Both recruiters mentioned that they understand if the student doesn’t have enough money to purchase an expensive suit, but it doesn’t excuse inappropriate or unkempt attire.

Once again, the overall response from recruiters was positive. I can tell this too because many of you have written to me to let me know what interviews you’ve gotten from your participation. Nice job!

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