Here’s $1,000.00 for YOUR Spring Break: Grundy Haven Paper Competition


Do you need $1,000.00 for spring break? Enter the Grundy Haven Paper Competition, and you might win money and get published on our EMS website!
You don’t have to wait until next semester to submit your entry. Right now you can get interested in a topic. Speak with a faculty member to get a sponsor, and then write a short (approximately 1,500 words) entry. You have time to refine and submit your paper (the deadline isn’t until 2/15/12). But start today.

If you’re graduating this fall, you can enter too. Just make sure to submit your entry by December 17, 2011.

To find out more read past winning entries and the guidelines.

Make an appointment with me and get on your way to winning cool, hard cash.

Don’t let that $1000.00 go to someone else!

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