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The WPSU-FM Fall Pledge Drive, taking place through October 22, 2011, got a little extra help from two community-minded Earth and Mineral Science undergraduates: Annie Tamalavage (junior, geoscience) and Zak Khayat (sophomore, material science).

Although new to the idea of public broadcasting, Annie and Zak were quick studies as Pat Smith, associate director of development and membership, gave them a quick walk-through of how to man the phones as donors call in to make pledges. Soon after the phones started to ring, and Annie and Zak got their first experience with fund raising public broadcasting style.

In addition to answering the phones, they had the opportunity to speak with WPSU staff, eat donated goodies, and most of all, see how public radio relies on the generosity of their listeners to offer many of its popular programs, such as StoryCorps, Morning Edition, and This American Life.

At the end of their three hour shift, they had the satisfaction of knowing that the Pledge Drive had gotten closer to its $106,000 goal.

If you want to support public broadcasting like Annie and Zak, there’s still time. Call 877-420-9778 or go online to  http://wpsu.org/contribute/ 

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