It’s Here! A New Website Addition: Voices of Our College

 “I do have an unusual name,” is how Kamini Singha, an associate professor in the Geosciences Department, begins her story of how her father, who is from India, and her mother, who is from the United States, searched for a name to give her a sense of her heritage. Dr. Kamini Singha is our Featured Voice for the sparkling new addition to our EMS website:  Voices of Our College.  You can learn more about her unusual name and her teaching, research and love of students at

Stories have the power to connect us and to encourage our sense of community. We hope you’ll be inspired and entertained as you listen to the stories of both past and present people of EMS! You’ll find audio files and view photographs of current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.

In addition to Dr. Singha’s stories, you can take a trip down memory lane as Simone Gleicher, EMS THON overall chair for two years, puts the feeling of THON into words. Don’t miss Dr. Cathy Lyons, the former Associate Dean for Educational Equity, as she speaks about growing up in rural South Carolina as one of seven children. And fly high with Casey Webster, a non-traditional student, as he describes his “ride the wind” experience.

This is the first edition of Voices.  Help us capture and record our rich heritage and traditions of excellence through sharing the spoken words of the many people who have influenced our College.   Because Voices is a collaborative project, we seek story contributions from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.

Do you have a good story or know of one about our College?  If so, complete the “share your story” form (, or contact me at

I’d love to hear from you!

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