clockThe deadline for the Grundy Haven Paper Competition is only 23 days away (midnight of FEBRUARY 15, 2012). Many of you have come to see me to discuss your papers. It’s still not too late to get started, but time is getting short.

If you may be interested, the first step is to read the winning entries on the EMS website. This will help you get a feeling for the style and tone of the Grundy Haven. Most importantly, the audience for your paper is a well-educated, intellectually curious person who may not be a specialist in the field in which you’re writing. You’ll have to engage this particular audience, and this means you’ll need to focus on why he/she should care. As you read these entries, notice the citations are weaved into the text, and they are not placed in parentheses as they are in academic writing.

Next, read the guidelines carefully. Then, take a look at the scoring rubric that will be used to evaluate your paper (Grundy Haven Scoring Rubric 2012_13).

Last, but not least, make an appointment with me to discuss your entry (kdb9@psu.edu). This is required in order for you to submit a paper. My appointments do fill up quickly, so don’t delay.

Also, on Thursday, February 7, I’ll hold a drop-in day for all Grundy Haven participants. You can stop by anytime between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and meet with me or Brendan.

Tick tock.





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