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action verbs

Save the readers of your résumé time by conveying your information concisely using short phrases that begin with action verbs. Use the appropriate verb tense too, most likely either simple present or simple past, depending on when the action took place. In this post, you’ll find a list of examples; they are all in the past tense. There are many more action verbs. This is to get you started.


Example: Demonstrated strong work ethic by working 20 hrs/wk while taking 21 credit hours

Accomplished Eliminated Innovated Rejuvenated
Achieved Enjoyed Integrated Renovated
Added Enlarged Introduced Resolved
Advanced Enlisted Invented Restored
Appointed Ensured Joined Selected
Attained Exceeded Launched Spearheaded
Attended Excelled Lightened Succeeded
Augmented Expanded Minimized Surpassed
Boosted Expedited Modernized Strengthened
Built Extended Obtained Targeted
Combined Finalized Opened Transformed
Completed Fulfilled Orchestrated Uncovered
Consolidated Gained Overcame Won
Constructed Generated Pioneered
Contributed Grew Prevailed
Delivered Guaranteed Produced
Demonstrated Hastened Qualified
Diminished Heightened Realized
Earned Improved Received
Eclipsed Increased Reduced (losses)



Example: Presented to orientation group to facilitate community building among incoming freshmen

Acted Defined Moderated Submitted
Adapted Deliberated Negotiated Substantiated
Admitted Demonstrated Perceived Suggested
Addressed Drafted Persuaded Summarized
Allowed Dramatized Presented Supplemented
Amended Edited Publicized Supported
Arbitrated Educated Queried Surveyed
Argued Elicited Questioned Synthesized
Ascertained Explained Referred Systematized
Attested Extracted Reinforced Taught
Briefed Greeted Related Tested
Clarified Highlighted Rendered Translated
Cleared up Improvised Reported Transmitted
Closed Indicated Represented Verified
Communicated Inferred Revealed Welcomed
Composed Informed Sanctioned Wrote
Consented Instructed Settled
Concluded Interpreted Shaped
Convinced Interviewed Smoothed
Consulted Justified Specified
Corresponded Lectured Spoke
Critiqued Marketed Sold
Dedicated Mediated Solicited



Example: Initiated campus clean-ups with eco-friendly student organizations

Acted Customized Fashioned Modeled
Began Designed Formulated Originated
Combined Directed Illustrated Performed
Conceptualized Displayed Initiated Photographed
Condensed Drew Introduced Planned
Created Fabricated Invented Shaped


Financial and Quantitative

Example: Executed baseline tests for the denitrification push-pull method on soil cores

Accounted for Converted Increased Reduced
Appraised Counted Inventoried Tabulated
Approximated Dispensed Maximized Totaled
Audited Dispersed Multiplied
Balanced Earned Netted
Budgeted Enumerated Profited
Calculated Estimated Projected
Checked Executed Purchased
Compiled Figured Quantified
Compounded Financed Rated
Computed Forecasted Reconciled
Conserved Grossed Recorded



Example: Served as President of College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Student Council

Aided Cooperated Familiarized Rehabilitated
Accommodated Counseled Helped Relieved
Advised Dealt Interceded Rescued
Alleviated Eased Mobilized Returned
Assisted Elevated Modeled Saved
Assured Enabled Polished Served
Bolstered Endorsed Prescribed Sustained
Coached Enhanced Provided Tutored
Continued Enriched Protected Validated



Example: Recorded survey results of constituent services using Internet Quorum

Acted Entered Operated Shipped
Administered Exercised Performed Sold
Carried out Forwarded Processed Stocked
Collected Handled Produced Transacted
Completed Input Proofed  
Conducted Installed Prospected  
Displayed Labored Proved  
Distributed Merchandised Recorded  



Example: Chaired committee to encourage faculty involvement in college charity fund-raising

Accelerated Empowered Inspired Set goals
Assumed Encouraged Involved Stimulated
Caused Enlisted Led Strengthened
Chaired Envisioned Managed Supervised
Changed Fostered Mentored Trained
Conducted Founded Motivated Visualized
Directed Guided Originated  
Disproved Hired Promoted  
Elected Influenced Raised  
Employed Initiated Recognized for  



Example: Measured concentrations using mass spectrometry to gain experience in identifying compounds

Adjusted Discovered Measured Reviewed
Analyzed Established Modified Revised
Apportioned Examined Monitored Screened
Assessed Explored Officiated Set
Certified Graded Overhauled Scrutinized
Compared Inspected Oversaw Supervised
Controlled Indexed Policed Supplied
Corrected Judged Prohibited Tightened
Correlated Licensed Refined Traced
Developed Maintained Regulated Updated



Example: Organized educational, social, and extracurricular activities for Engineering Society

Acquired Classified Implemented Rectified
Activated Collected Incorporated Retrieved
Adjusted Committed Instituted Routed
Allocated Confirmed Issued Scheduled
Altered Contracted Linked Selected
Appointed Coordinated Logged Secured
Arranged Customized Mapped out Simplified
Assembled Delegated Neatened Sought
Assessed Designated Obtained Straightened
Assigned Designed Ordered Suggested
Authorized Dispatched Organized Tracked
Cataloged Established Procured
Centralized Facilitated Programmed
Charted Housed Recruited



Example: Developed study to identify land-based sources of pollution affecting watershed and coral reef

Administered Devised Observed Reserved
Anticipated Evaluated Planned Revised
Commissioned Forecasted Prepared Strategized
Determined Formulated Prioritized Studied
Developed Identified Researched Tailored


Problem Solving

Example: Analyzed data collected through field work with interdisciplinary team to address environmental issues in Peru

Alleviated Debugged Found Revived
Analyzed Decided Investigated Satisfied
Applied Deciphered Recommended Solved
Brainstormed Detected Remedied Streamlined
Collaborated Determined Remodeled Synthesized
Conceived Diagnosed Repaired Theorized
Conceptualized Engineered Resolved
Crafted Foresaw Revamped
Created Formulated Revitalized



Example: Researched viable alternatives for waste storage area for San Juan waste authority

Clarified Examined Interpreted Summarized
Collected Experimented Interviewed Surveyed
Critiqued Extracted Measured Systematized
Diagnosed Gathered Organized Tested
Evaluated Identified Researched



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