Diversity: Why Should I Care?

Employers and graduate schools are seeking individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity during their college years. The global market, demographics, and technology are powerful trends that have made diversity an important workplace issue. Because diversity, equity, and inclusion result in increased productivity and profit, it’s in your SELF-INTEREST to show how you can contribute in the way you work and think in a diverse world.

Should I care?

Diversity isn’t just about racial, ethnic, religious, socioeconomics, mental and physical abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities among others. It’s about embracing individual uniqueness and perspectives different than one’s own. Listening in order to truly understand is a key component to developing your diversity talents. We all belong in this conversation, not only because it’s the socially responsible thing to do, but because an environment that embraces diversity, elicits ideas that are more innovative and better able to respond to the dynamic settings of business and academia.

Researching Companies and Schools for Diversity

Become knowledgeable. Check the websites of the companies and schools you’re interested in and read what policies they have. Most companies and schools have diversity statements. Showing that you’re resourceful and interested in their diversity statements will make you stand out to search committees. Some applications require that you write your own diversity statement too. If you’re seeking a company with strong diversity performance, check out the top 50 companies published by DiversityInc.

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