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The path to precision

How do I make my writing more precise? Sometimes it’s the finer details that bring all the flourish both in plants and in your writing. This week, I was called by a supervising engineer in the workplace who asked me … Continue reading

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Coaching Done Right

I found this on You can sign up to get a brief daily email with a noteworthy excerpt or quote. Given all the discussion right now about who’s going to replace Bill O’Brien, I thought this was thought provoking. … Continue reading

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State College Magazine Article: Modern Mod

Here’s an article I wrote for the State College Magazine in January 2012. Even if you enjoy technical writing, it’s good practice to mix it up a bit and write for different audiences. You’ll see the tone and voice for… Continue reading

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Powerful Poster Presentations: Plan Your Message

Today’s topic focuses on what you need to do before you start building your poster: plan!Planning your message for your specific audience and purpose are key concepts for any communication, and especially for effective posters. Begin by asking two questions:… Continue reading

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Getting the Perfect Tone for Your 30 Second Pitch

You’re in an elevator. Serendipity! You find yourself riding to the next floor with the head of the company you’ve identified as your first choice for employment. Do you stand there mute, or do you introduce yourself and give your… Continue reading

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Are You a Fog Maker or a Clear Communicator?

Communication occurs only if the audience understands the message in the way you, as the writer intended–but how can you tell if your reader is likely to understand? Gobbledygook and bafflegab abound in technical writing. As scientists, it’s easy to… Continue reading

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