About the Writer

Summary: Kimberly Del Bright is the Writer-del-mendenhall-glacierIn-Residence for the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences at the Pennsylvania State University. Prior to this, she taught writing in college classrooms. She has composed numerous instructional materials for composition, written and edited technical books and articles, and has published articles in magazines and newspapers.

Her passion is teaching students to become better writers. She likes what Mark Twain said about writing: the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. It’s that difficult. Most of the time, you will find her in classrooms or in her office working with students on their assignments or professional documents, or writing for variety of publications. She loves the combination of teaching and writing.

Preparation for her job began with attending the University of Pittsburgh for both her undergraduate degree in English and Economics and her Master of Arts in Teaching. She graduated with honors. Because she never found a subject that she didn’t want to study, she also completed a Master of Science in Forestry from the Pennsylvania State University in 2002. Her eclectic educational background helps her work with students from diverse majors. She has presented at numerous conferences over the years, both state-wide and national, and has received several teaching awards.Del Bright.jpg

Born: Anchorage, Alaska

Home Town: None

Favorite Books: Moby Dick, Herman Melville; Peace Like a River, Leif Enger

Hobbies & Interests: reading, writing, running, skiing, biking, & cooking

Education: B.A. Economics/English; M.A.T. Education; M.S. Forestry