An introduction

Do our students have the cultural literacy to be leaders in solving global food security issues?

Include your students/club members in the global learning journey by being part of the GLAG conversation with specially designed programming for youth.  GLAGjr is designed by students, for students.

When? The GLAGjr modules are offered to all GLAG21 registered educators who enroll their program in GLAGjr. The deadline to register for GLAG21 is Saturday, February 6th with the deadline to enroll a program in GLAGjr being Wednesday, February 17th. Program support will run from Wednesday, February 17th – Friday, May 7th – but the lessons and modules will be available even after that date!

Who should participate?

GLAGjr is designed for youth interested in learning how to advance global learning in their youth organization. Perfect for (but not limited to) organizations such as 4-H and FFA!

What’s included?

Big Wins of our Program:

  1. Global Learning opportunity for secondary students
  2. Interaction/collaboration with other youth chapters/clubs.
  3. Individualized support (Technology and content) from Global Teach Ag Interns!
  4. Opportunity to apply for funding for local programming


  1. Fundamental:
    1. Sustainable Development Goals & Food Security
      1. Students will dive into concepts relating to the four pillars of food security and an introduction to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
    2. Introduction to Global Competency
      1. Students will expand global understanding of agriculture and culture and brainstorm ways to expand personal and community global competency
  2. Issue Specific:
    1. A long walk to water
    2. Complications of Global Agriculture: The Bitter Side of Sweet
      1. Using the book “The Bitter Side of Sweet” by Tara Sullivan as inspiration and an additional resource, students will dive into different global perspectives of agriculture and labor problems that exist in global food systems.​
  3. Annual Theme Drive:
    1. Taking Action!

How much does this cost?

Thanks to our generous Global Learning Partners, GLAGjr is free of charge.
The adult mentor simply has to be a registered participant of #GLAG21.

How do I sign up?

Educators who are registered for #GLAG21, the intent form for GLAGjr is now live! Click here to fill out the form.