Dr. Sophia McClennen and The Colbert Report

By MATTHEW S HOFFMAN on August 30, 2012

Dr. Sophia McClennen, Director of the Center for Global Studies at Penn State, has written a new book called Colbert’s America. In the book, Dr. McClennen, among other interesting aspects of the Colbert character and show, examines “how the comedy of Stephen Colbert packs enough political punch to change the way a nation thinks.”

Patrick Gavin interviews also Dr. McClennen in the POLITICO article, “Academic goes deep on Colbert,” The article details the inspiration for the project, why Colbert makes a better book subject than Jon Stewart, the influence of Colbert’s super PAC campaign and insightful quotes about the subject from Dr. McClennen herself.

Read both articles for more information!

And for anyone unfamiliar with Colbert, here’s a YouTube video of Stephen Colbert maintaining his character on The O’Reilly Factor:



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