Round 2


Hello, again! As my final semester gets rolling it looks like I won’t have much time to rest and play video games. So far this semester it has been interesting to say the least. In the beginning of this semester I had to finish up clubs for one of our fellow interns that moved on this semester; meaning I had to teach small children. Please keep in mind, the only experience in this field I have is maintaining the peace when I see my little cousin and nieces, so a classroom full of them was challenging to say the least. However, I pushed through, taught them some origami and had them the color and the world kept spinning round.

I have also been more active with the CGS this semester as well. I’ve been tasked with putting together a career event, taking pictures at events, as well as helping with our World Stories events on Saturday mornings. Needless to say by the end of this semester I will be the king of crafts (not only did we do crafts at the elementary school there is a craft portion at the Saturday events as well). I’m still doing similar things as last semester, helping with our Brown Bag lectures on Wednesdays, making posters and other various tasks that come up. I must say I enjoy the fact that it isn’t always the same! I am really looking forward to the International Affairs talks that are coming up (look it up on our webpage if you are curious), there is a talk on terrorism and that is just right down my alley being a Security and Risk Analysis major and all.

We also have two new interns with us this round; Bridget and Leah. Both of them seem very capable and are very nice. Bridget is our new media person which I am very thankful for seeing how I don’t use social media that much and that just makes my life a little easier! Leah will be doing the same things that me and Alanna already do, helping with events and making posters and the like.

Overall I think this will be a good semester. There’s some exciting events that are coming up that will give me plenty to do so that has got me pretty pumped and I can’t wait for the lecture I mentioned earlier.

Adios until next month!

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