Round Two

Here I am! Back again! After another panic attack this year after realizing that I will be gone for half of another summer abroad, making an internship experience, yet again impossible, I have double-downed and re-upped with the Center for Global Studies as an intern.

This semester, I am the most experienced and longest-standing member of the intern staff, which is a little daunting considering I’ve only been here one semester. But, with my flyer-making skills and newsletter-writing abilities now honed, the internship somehow seems less intimidating┬áthis semester even though I believe that I’m currently putting in more man hours per week.

Also, last semester I somehow managed to weasel my way out of planning the dreaded “intern event”, by placating Sarah by present my research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Pittsburgh. This semester, there will be no such relief. With November and International Education Week fast approaching, I can already feel the anxiety starting to creep up on me. While I have a pretty solid idea of the event I’d like to put on, (which I┬áhave already started attempting to execute with a flurry of emails) I can only hope everything will be set in time for November.

I am glad to be back for another semester, however, and experience a bunch of new event the Center has to offer. Last semester, was the Spring Series of events and most of the interns’ time and effort was put towards executing the World Stories Alive series at the Schlow Library every Saturday morning. While that was rewarding in its own ways, I’m very excited to be experiencing a slew of new events and lecture series this semester and what seems to be an awesome line-up of guest speakers. Considering I’m not huge on interacting with small children, I think this semester will be much more interesting for me in terms of attending events.

With this better understanding of the internship under my belt, I think that I’ve finally appropriately prepared myself for all the challenges and obstacles that might be thrown my way this semester.

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