Monthly Archives: January 2016

Round Two, Here We Go!

Now that I have a semester of experience as a Graduate Assistant in the Center for Global Studies, I definitely feel more comfortable with all my tasks. The first semester taught me how to manage and balance my time between work and study, it enhanced my event planning skills, and it contributed to my professional profile by making me a better leader. Thanks to the experiences of the last semester, I now have better communication and team management skills.

This semester I am looking forward to working along with the interns on the events, social media and the newsletter. As a team we have great communication and team dynamic, and I believe it will get even better with time.

I am also looking forward to be part of World Stories Alive. I have heard so much of this project and have been working on it since last semester, finding the right speakers for every weekend, and it feels good to know that I will finally be able to see it come to life. As a global individual with a passion for foreign language, I am glad to know I am contributing to spread the knowledge of foreign language in young children. One of my favorite aspects of World Stories alive is that the impact goes beyond the university since the targeted audience is not only Penn State students, but everyone in the State College area. World Stories Alive is targeted to children three to eight years old, this will be my first experience working directly with children and I am hoping to learn from this aspect as well.

Also, this semester I will be part of the CGS Brownbag series. I will be giving a talk around expatriates from U.S. multinational companies who are being sent to hardship locations for international assignments. Although I will expand more on this topic on a future blog post, I am also looking forward to talk about my research.

This is the last semester I have left at the Center and for this reason I will make sure I learn as much as I can from this opportunity, and to leave a footprint.