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Stacie Berdan, author of GoGlobal said, “The global marketplace is huge, Dynamic. And yes, it can be a bit scary. You deal with different cultures, currencies, languages, history, politics, religions. Global workers must cope with all these and more as they both search for jobs and then work across borders either virtually or physically.”  Have you ever considered Going Global whether to study abroad or work?  I have highly considered both and after reading this book, I gained a bit more knowledge in how to succeed abroad and how to even get abroad.  Many of us want to travel, but also many of us are drowning in student debt and cannot afford it; gaining an international career may be the answer to our problem.   

This book starts out with an introduction of the author and 7 pages of contributors.  This definitely made the book more credible and interesting because it represented perspectives from various stages of life.  This also makes the book easier to read because it is broken up by questions and sections so you can skip around depending on where you are in your academic career or real-life career. 

Here are a few takeaways I gained from each chapter:

Chapter 1: Recognizing that Global is Everywhere

I am in this internal debate between desperately wanting to go abroad post-graduation and not wanting to leave my family, friends and life that I built here.  There are globally-set careers right here in the U.S. A globally-set job means that you will be interacting with a foreign market or group through the use of technology. Additionally, it is crucial that you take advantage of every opportunity you have whether that a global internship, a study abroad, or even joining an international club at your university because they will help boost your resume and experience with the international community. 

Chapter 2: Appreciating the Importance of a Global Mindset

This is not something you are born with, a global mindset comes with experience and curiosity.  Even if you choose to work in your home country, you still need a global mindset to stick out to employers.  Whether you are hoping to acquire a position in a business or a hospital the world is extremely interconnected and will require you to learn from foreigners and adapt to culturally diverse clients or patients. 

Chapter 3: Building your International Qualifications

College is a time to step outside of the classroom and take in every opportunity available to you; study abroad, take a few language courses and find out what other resources your college has available to you.  A previous professor once told me that I will never have the opportunity to travel to another nation for so little again.  He was referring to the various scholarships and enrichment funding colleges offer for students to study abroad.  I plan on taking advantage of those financial resources!

Chapter 4: Developing a Winning Global Job-Search Toolkit: Resumes, Cover Letter and Elevator Pitches

No matter what field you plan on going into you will need all three of these to succeed.  The best way to stand out is by having those global experiences that you can show-off in your resume and cover letter.  I highly suggest getting a mentor because they work wonders on advising students on how to tailor their resumes and cover letters.

Chapter 5: Pulling It All Together Ready, Set…Go Global!

Do your RESEARCH! This should be a life lesson, you never want to jump into anything without having at least a fundamental knowledge on what it is.  Also, it is important to seek help from those who have been in your shoes before.  You can learn valuable lessons from others who previously studied abroad or work in the field you hope to join!

Chapter 6: Launching an International Career

Do whatever it takes to reach your goal of going global, that means putting in the extra effort and showing your value.  At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you enjoy the journey; it won’t all be easy or fun, but if your truly passionate you will persevere.

This book gives you countless other tools and tips that can help you stand out and gain a global career.  I highly recommend Go Global by Stacie Berdan if you have any interest going abroad. 

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