Fall 2018 Goals for the CGS Experience


I am very excited to be back for another semester with the Center for Global Studies! I had a very beneficial and exploratory experience with the Center last semester, and I hope to continue to grow and step out of my comfort zone within all areas and tasks for CGS.

Some specific goals that I have for myself is to focus and dedicate myself to the academic and networking aspects that this internship has to offer. I want to continue working on my writing and reporting skills for the newsletters, and I want to engage within the discussions and topics that the Center sponsors for exploring the concepts and essence of the global studies framework. Stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to be more engaged with the speakers will prove to be a challenge for me, but I want to use every opportunity to push myself and establish valuable connections and experiences for my future, both academically and professionally.

While those were some personal goals, I also want to contribute to spreading the mission of CGS by engaging in my own event planning and volunteering at as many events that work towards inviting others to participate and be involved within the global arena. Through these efforts, I will try to be more committed to social media and marketing aspects than I was in my previous experience with the Center.

All in all, I want to be as helpful and supportive as I can through this fall semester, and I want to continue to learning new professional skills and be given more responsibility to complete certain tasks. I am looking forward to being a resource for our new intern, Sarah; however, I am also excited to learn from Sarah and her previous experiences. I am very excited for this upcoming fall semester, and I look forward to all of the events that CGS is sponsoring!

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