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Chen lab is officially named Charles H. “Skip” Smith Life Sciences Laboratory

An official ceremony  was held in Aug,12th, 2016 to celebrate Mr. Charles H. Skip Smith’s generous donation to our lab. Mr. Smith and family attended the event and visited our lab.At the ceremony, the president of Penn State, Dr. Eric J. Barron; the dean of the Eberly College of Science, Dr. Cavener Douglas and Dr. Gong Chen gave the talks.

New paper published on PNAS on the topic of discovery of a new drug target could lead to novel treatment for severe autism

The work lead by Chen lab member Xin Tang has recently been published on PNAS. Xin et al found KCC2 function is disturbed in human neurons originated from Rett syndrome patients. Based on this finding, novel drugs targeting at  KCC2 function restoration may potentially rescue functional deficits in patients with Rett Syndrome.

This work is highlighted in Penn State News