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Alright, everyone!  Pack your bags!  We’re going on an adventure.  I suggest you bring a swimsuit, some comfortable walking shoes, and a camera.  A sturdy backpack wouldn’t hurt.  And perhaps some trail mix.  Where are we going?  Well I’m not taking you to any pristine beaches or island getaways.  No, what I had in mind involves a lot more dirt and a little less sunbathing.  I want to take you with me on a tour of some of the most incredible locations our vast country has to offer: the National Parks.

Once a week we will be exploring a new national park, visiting its most notable sights, hiking its greatest trails, and experiencing all that the great outdoors has to offer.  But I’m not talking just Yosemite here.  No, we’re going cross-country, my friends!  Prepare to learn about places you never knew existed and embark on the journey of a lifetime.  The RV is packed and ready to go, let’s venture off and see what the great outdoors has in store- one park at a time.

In our ten stop journey across the nation, I will feature each park with pictures, trail guides, and history until we can’t wait to visit them in person.  We will learn about and explore some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places our nation has fought to preserve.  I will be bringing in information from The National Parks Service, tourism websites, and personal accounts from those people who have visited so that we can learn all there is to know about our destinations.  So grab your Camelbak, lace up your hiking boots, and come along with me!

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