About Me

I am a freshman student at Penn State University who has been a Girl Scout since I started school way back when.  There are few things I like more in this world than packing up the truck and going camping with my family.  My dad and I have had a running joke since I was about eleven that if we ever win the lottery, we’re buying an RV and heading cross-country.

My family and I camp a lot.  All of us have been involved in scouting, so we delight in showing off our camp cooking skills and racing each other in kayaks.  Most of our camping has been limited to Pennsylvania Parks but we plan to branch out and go on adventures.

In a lot of ways, that’s what this blog is about.  Though I barely have the money to catch the bus to my brother’s apartment across campus, I’m living this adventure vicariously through research, pictures, and writing.  Some day I plan to see as many of these parks as I can, but until then, I’ll have this.


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