Below is the Braille Symbol “1-4-5” which is encoded in Unicode. As you can see it is named for the configuration of the dots, not for a letter.

Image of Braille 1-4-5 character or Braille letter D in English.

About 1-4-5

As it happens, this pattern is used for English letter D as well as for delta (Δ) in Greek, dalet (ד) in Hebrew, dal (د) in Arabic and letter (Д) in Russian. When Braille was first developed, only six cells were used, but in Unicode cells 7 and 8 were added to expand the repertoire of possible characters.

Most Braille software and hardware are devoted to visually impaired users, but there are fonts for sighted users. Below is a list of links to Braille charts by language and freeware Braille fonts.

Braille Charts

Braille Unicode Fonts

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