A set of words which will generate some puzzled looks are those for the accent marks above and below letters in non-English spelling systems. So here is a quick list.

Accent Sample Notes
Grave ò Italian, Scottish Gaelic, French among others.
Double Grave ȍ May mark some tones in Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
Acute ó Spanish, French, Irish among others. Some languages like Dutch use both acute and grave accents.
Double Acute ő Used in Hungrarian
Circumflex ô Used in French, Welsh among others.
Umlaut/Diaresis ö Used in German, Welsh, Hungarian, among others
Tilde õ Used in Spanish, Portuguese, Breton, Tagalog among others.
Cedilla/Cedille ç Used in French, Turkish among others
ǫ Used in Polish and some native American languages (for nasal vowels).
Macron/Long ō Used in Maori, Hawaiian among others as well as some Latin texts
Breve/Short ŏ Used in Romanian
Caron/Hachek ǒ Letters č, š, ž used in Czech and other Central European languages
Ring å Used in some Scandinavian languages and Czech
Dot Above ȯ Used in Old Irish among others.
Dot Below Used in Igbo (Africa) among others. Also common in English transliterations of languages of India.
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