A script that may not be well-known to U.S. citizens in the Canadian Aboriginal Syllabic script which is a syllabary used to write certain indigenous languages including Iñuit languages spoken in the Nunavut territory of Canada.

This script is about to appear in many more documents and signs because the Nunavut’s Official Languages Act is coming in to force to promote the Iñuit languages to be official languages alongside and English.

In addition to the languages of Nunavut, this script is used in Canada to write a number of indigenous languages including Ojibwe, Blackfoot, Cree and others. In contrast, most indigenous languages in the U.S. are written in the Latin alphabet with the notable exception of Cherokee.

I’m curious if indigenous communities in the U.S. would consider adopting this script to further differentiate themselves from the U.S. If that happens, the Nunavut law should ensure that proper Unicode support is available.

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